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If you employ ONE or 1000 we have a viable solution for you!

Time & Attendance


Our main area of focus is the TurboTime T & A software. Which has been undergoing  continuous development since 1992. During this time we have designed numerous new payroll interfaces and reports, to our clients specifications.


We currently have over 90 reports and 70 payroll interfaces, why not add your custom requirements to our list?


Unlike many other Time and Attendance systems we WILL make the necessary modifications you ask us for. Instead of the standard answer "Oh we can't do that", we will find a way and make it work the way you want.

Job Costing


Job Costing (or Production Timing) was designed to answer OUR one simple question - How long did we spend on that last project?


We design and develop software and over the years have spent millions on the development of our applications.


We never knew, when we had finished a project, if we had made a reasonable profit, a decent profit or no profit at all.

Monitor your employees absenteeism by absentee code:


How many days Annual Leave has employee 'X' taken this calendar year?

How many days Sick Leave has employee 'Y' taken in the current three year cycle?


Allocate specific leave codes (Annual, Maternity, Study etc.) in advance.


Single User V Multi User


Consider the following:


The company you work for is in the manufacturing sector and employs over 700 people. You are the paint shop foreman and have 12 people who report to you. It would be very time consuming to have to go through 700 employees just to check on your staff. In a multi user environment TurboTime can be set up in such a way that you can only view and edit those employees who report directly to you.


With the optional payroll interface you simply generate a file from TurboTime and then import into you payroll system. We currently cater for most existing payroll packages but will add any format you may require.


Need a Report that doesn't currently exist in TurboTime? (We think we have thought of everything, but their will always be the client with special requirements). Simple, send us a layout and the report will be designed to your specifications.

We were unable to measure because of the nature of the beast:


1. You start, You stop because you are awaiting direction.


2. You start, You stop because of interruptions.


3. You start, You stop etc. etc. etc.


All this makes it extremely difficult to measure and monitor how much time is really spent on the true project.


As a software development company we, ourselves, were unable to measure how long a project actually took, because of the Start - Stop Syndrome. We needed a solution to measure what was quoted, against what was delivered and how to slay the demon known as the Start - Stop Syndrome.


So we designed software that is easy to use, to solve our problem. Our customers explained that they were experiencing similar problems to ours and asked if they could use  our software.




It is just a pity we didn't develop this when we first started in 1992, we would have benefited greatly, as would many of our customers, purely because they would have been able to monitor which of their products are most profitable.


We have helped ourselves and others. Why not let us show you how we can help you?

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Give US a Call : 011 704 7000

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000