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TurboTime Time & Attendance

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The sections have been ordered in the above sequence because certain items need to be completed before progressing to the next section:

Report Sorting


There are three report sorting "groups" that are required to be set up prior to capturing employee details:

for more info on the various fields available

Above is an example of a possible report structure. Remember it is only a sample and TurboTime can be set up according to your company's requirements



The most import part of any Time and Attendance system is the shift set-up.


No matter how simple or how complex your shifts may be, if they are not configured correctly your results will be incorrect.


We have clients who operate in the ideal world:


EVERYBODY starts at 08:00, EVERYBODY takes lunch between 12:00 and 13:00, EVERYBODY leaves at 17:00 Monday to Friday, NOBODY ever works on a Saturday or a Sunday EVER. And there is NEVER any overtime.


This is simple, but how about this one:


Employee Clocks on at 08:00, off at 10:00 back on at 14:00, off at 17:00 on again at 19:00 off at 22:00. These are terrible times for anybody to work, but we have a site who uses shifts similar to this and they don't have any problems with the settings

This is a small sample of some of the settings that are used for the shifts.


At the bottom is a graphical representation of the shift settings. With a little experience the end user will be able to spot problems immediately.





Do you have a fixed cycle? i.e. your shifts for a week are the same





Or are your shifts random? e.g. OFF Monday, day shift Tuesday, night shift Wednesday and Thursday, OFF Friday, day shift Saturday and Sunday, night shift Monday. There is absolutely no pattern.


We accommodate this with schedules which are extensively used by filling stations and restaurants.

For more information on shifts

For more information on schedules


Capture all you employees work related details.


Pre-book selected leave in advance (Annual leave, Maternity Leave etc.)


Monitor Family Responsibility Leave, when was the leave taken and why? The software also does not allow the attendance at a funeral for the same person more than once. (This may seem strange, but it happens often that the same  uncle "dies" more than once in the space of a year.


Personal details can take the place of an HR system in smaller companies, and with the option of adding external files (Letter of appointment, letters of increase, sick notes etc.) you have a complete online system instead of a paper file for each employee.


Do you make use of a labour broker? TurboTime can differentiate between these employees and your permanent staff and even go as far as generating an payment advice for a given period.


See your overtime at a glance, you can set the system so that all overtime needs to be authorised. (A real life Scenario: The shift ends at 03:30, but at that time in the morning there is no transport. The staff got wise to this and instead of clocking out at the end if the shift they clock out at 06:00 when they are leaving the premises expecting to get 02:30 hours overtime. The cost of this for 30 employees per day 7 days a week 365 days a year would have been astronomical. However management were one step ahead and ALL overtime in the company has to be authorised. Problem solved and may Rands saved.)


Colour code your absentee reasons so you can easily see patterns, made even easier with the calendar function.



We currently interface with over seventy different payroll formats (we can add your custom payroll at you request). Once your payroll is configured contact one of our experienced technicians and we will set up and test the interface with you.



With well over ninety reports (and growing regularly) we think we have covered everything but there will always be a clients who has a special request that we haven’t thought of. Send us the layout you require and we will include the report in the software.

Just a small sample of what is available.

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000

Give US a Call : 011 704 7000