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SimpleTime is the “Simple” version of Big Brother called TurboTime. SimpleTime gives you options to record your employees’ attendance times. By using the Facial recognition option, you have automatically removed the chances of staff clocking for each other – “Buddy-Clocking”.

Once your staff have started clocking you can log into the cloud and view your employees times. The days are colour coded so you can see at a glance what is happening. See Picture Above. Who is at work, who is not. who clocked properly and who did not. Add to that it will even show you who has not worked aa full day! – Never worked their 8 or 9 hours for the day.
See – We said it was “Simple”.

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FaceTime is aimed primarily at, but not limited to, companies whose staff members work away from home (i.e. They do not report to the companies premises in the mornings but go straight to “site”). This gives rise to the following questions: What time did they say they arrived onsite compared to the time they actually arrived? What time did they leave? What time did the customer say?

FaceTime is an integrated cloud account service that allows you to get secure access anywhere, anytime on any device! With GPS co-ordinates of where the clocking took place, you can also monitor other times such as, “When did my TLB and driver arrive on site?”